White Pant Suits

A womens white pant suit can be a very chic and stylish outfit choice. Since white goes with everything, there are endless ways to accessorize a white pant suit.

Below are a variety of shades of white pant suits offered at various websites:

Separates offered at Macy’s in misses sizes.

Women White Skirt Suits
Offered at Womensuits in misses sizes and women’s plus sizes.


Separates offered at Blair. Jacket available in misses sizes and women’s plus sizes. Pants available in misses sizes, women’s plus sizes and petite sizes. Separates shown above in alternate colors, but they are also available in white.


Offered at Amazon in women’s plus sizes.

White Pant Suit Fashion Tips:

White Pant Suits for Women

There are many shades of white, so when choosing a white pantsuit you can opt for one in a bright white color or one in a more subdued color such as an off-white pant suit, an ivory pant suit, or a cream pant suit. When wearing a white pantsuit (or actually any white clothing), always check to make sure your outfit isn’t see though. Thicker fabrics or lined pantsuits are less likely to be see through. Wearing a camisole and pant liner can also help to provide more coverage.

Styles of White Pant Suits

There are two piece pant suits as well as three piece white and ivory pants sets. They also come in a variety of sizes including plus size white pant suits and petite white pant suits. There are white pant suits that look simple and chic, and there are other dressier elegant pant suits that may have embellishments and would be great to wear to special occasions. Some are dressy enough to even get married in!

What Color Blouse to Wear with a White Pant Suit

You have many choices when trying to choose a blouse to wear with a white pant suit. White is a neutral color that goes with pretty much everything, so your options really are not limited. For an elegant look, try wearing a black blouse. For a more fun look, consider wearing a blouse with a print design (such as floral) or one in a vibrant color (such as red or purple). A silver or gold blouse or shell can help to dress up a white pant suit.

What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Pant Suit

If you are wearing a colored shirt under your white pant suit, then for a nicely coordinated look you could wear shoes in the same color. If your pant suit is entirely white, a neutral colored shoe such as beige works well, or you could even choose a metallic color such as bronze or silver.

What Color Jewelry to Wear with a White Pant Suit

For a coordinated look, match the color of your jewelry to the color of any buttons on hardware on your white suit. For example, if you suit has silver tone buttons, you can match it by wearing sterling or silver tone jewelry.