Special Occasion Pant Suits

If you have a special event you will be attending, a special occasion pant suit can be a great attire choice. Special occasion pant suits differ from business pant suits in that they are dressier.

Below are a variety of special occasion pant suits offered at various websites:

Separates offered at Macy’s in misses sizes.

Pant Suits by Champagne
Offered at Womensuits in misses sizes and women’s plus sizes.

Small & Plus Size Pant Suit by Donna Vinci
Offered at Womensuits in misses sizes and women’s plus sizes.

Women's Tuxedo Style Pant Suit by DVC Exclusive 15079
Offered at Womensuits in misses and women’s plus sizes.

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Special Occasion Pant Suits Fashion Tips:

Special Occasion Pant Suits for Women

When you have a special occasion to attend, you’ll want to look your best. There are many different types and colors of special occasion pant suits from which you can choose, so you can really express your personal style. These types of outfits can be really stylish and fun party pant suits.

Styles of Special Occasion Pant Suits

There are both two piece as well as three piece special occasion pant sets. Some special occasion pant suits have wide-leg flowing pants that almost look like they are skirts. Others may have a relaxed but tailored pant style, and still others may have a more slim, fitted look. If you will be attending a special occasion that will take place outdoors in warm weather, consider choosing a short sleeve pant suit. Likewise, if the weather will be cold, choose an outfit that has long sleeves. For a springtime look, you could choose a pant suit in a pretty light pastel color. For a summer look, you may want an outfit in a simple white or ivory color. For a more formal evening look, you could choose a pant suit in a darker color such as black or silver. You might decide to choose a simple and chic pant suit or you might want one that is more fancy with embellishments such as beading or rhinestones. There are both misses suits as well as plus size special occasion pant suits.

Accessories to Wear with your Special Occasion Pant Suit

A dress shoe – whether your choose flats or heels – can look great with this type of fancy pant suit. Just make sure your pants fall to the proper length when worn with the shoes you choose. If you are not sure what color shoe to pick, consider one in a metallic color such as silver, gold or bronze. Those colors can look good with a wide range of outfits (however, just make sure the colors don’t clash). And you can finish your look by choosing coordinating jewelry to wear with your outfit. For example, if your pant suit blazer has gold-tone buttons, choose gold-tone jewelry to wear with your pant suit. You can look really coordinated if you choose a handbag that has hardware in the same tone. For example, the purse would have gold-tone zippers and snaps.