Red Pant Suits

A red pant suit can be a bold and fun addition to your wardrobe. Whether you choose a pant suit in a bright red color or a darker, richer shade of red, owning a red pant suit will add color to your wardrobe.

Below are a variety of red pant suits offered at various websites:

Separates offered at Macy’s in misses sizes.


Offered at Macy’s in misses sizes. Also available in women’s plus sizes.


Offered at Macy’s in misses sizes. Also available in petite sizes.


Offered at Old Pueblo Traders in misses sizes, petite sizes and women’s plus sizes. Shown above in a plum color, it’s also available in the color red.

Red Pant Suit Fashion Tips:

Styles of Red Pant Suits for Women

There are three-piece red pants set as well as two piece red pant outfits. Some of these red pant suits may have both a red jacket as well as red pants. Others may have only one piece that is red. For example, a red pant suit might just have a red jacket paired with black pants. You could also create this look yourself by purchasing a red jacket and black pants separately.

There are many shades of red that a pant suit could be in. For example, there are red pant suits that come in the color rust, brick, wine, and so on. Some red pant suits are designed like a traditional women’s suit. Others are more dressy and could have embellishments such as satin trim or rhinestones. Red pant suits can come in many sizes, so if you need a red plus size pant suit, you should be able to find one. For a more comfortable fit, you may want a pant set where the pants have an elastic waist. For functionality, look for red pant suits that include pockets – either in the pants on the blazer.

What Color Blouse to Wear with a Red Pant Suit

If your red pant suit doesn’t come with a coordinating blouse or shell, you may be wondering what color shirt to wear with it. White goes with just about everything, so you can’t go wrong wearing a white blouse with a red pant suit. A black blouse or shell will also look great with a red pant suit. If you are wearing a pant suit that consists of black pants with a red jacket, wearing a black blouse or shell can create a coordinated look.

Accessorizing a Red Pant Suit

If the buttons on your red pant suit are gold-tone or silver-tone, you can wear jewelry in the same tone for a coordinated look. If you want to wear red gemstones with your red pant suit, choose a gemstone in a color that doesn’t clash with the shade of red of your pant suit. Garnet, ruby, red jasper and carnelian are some examples of red gemstones.