Petite Pant Suits

Petite pant suits can be a wonderful attire choice for petite women. There are professional petite pant suits that are great for the office, as well as dressy petite pant suits that are perfect for a special occasion.

Below are a variety of petite pant suits offered at various websites. You may also want to check out our other categories of pant suits, as many of those pant suits also come in petite sizes.

Offered at Macy’s in petite sizes.


Offered at Macy’s in petite sizes.


Offered at Blair in sizes that include petite sizes.


Offered at Amazon in women’s petite plus sizes.

Petite Pant Suit Fashion Tips:

Styles of Petite Pant Suits

Petite pant suits and petite pant sets are a great addition to a petite woman’s wardrobe. You can find pant suits that are appropriate for work, and other ones for those times you need to wear something dressy. You can find three-piece petite pant suits as well as two piece petite pant outfits. You may also be interested in buying a petite wardrober. A wardrober usually consists of a jacket, pair of pants, skirt, and possibly a blouse. You can created a variety of look with a wardrober by pairing different pieces together and by pairing the items with other clothes you already have.

Tips for If You Want to Look Taller in Your Petite Pant Suit

Vertical lines can help to create the illusion of looking taller. A pinstripe suit can help to achieve this look. Wearing a pant suit’s jacket unbuttoned and open can also help to create vertical lines. A darker color monochromatic pant suit can also help to create a vertical line.

Shop for Petite Pant Suits

Most major department stores as well as many smaller clothing stores have a petite clothing section. You can check that section to see if they sell petite pant suits. Many online clothing retailers also have a section of their websites for petite clothing, so if you want to shop online, you can check that area of the website for pant suits as well. Many of the pant suits offered at BLAIR and Macy’s come in petite size.