Flowing Pant Suits

One of my favorite styles of pant suits are those that have flowing material.

I think that a flowing pant suit is one of the most feminine types of pant suits that you can find. Unlike a typical business type pant suit that can often be made of a stiffer fabric, a woman’s flowing pant suit in a silky type fabric can be quite dressy and feminine. Since this type of pant suit is going to be much looser than a fitted suit, they also have the ability to be quite figure flattering. These pantsuits can create a great look for a plus size woman who wants to avoid a form fitting, snug pants outfit. These types of pant suits are also a good choice for any woman who wants to help “disguise” certain problem areas by wearing loose fitting clothing.

Flowing pant suits are great for dressy occasions: As I mentioned earlier, I think that a flowing pant suit – when made from silky type material – usually tends to give a dressier look then a more fitted suit. Fabrics like chiffon are often used, and these pant suits are great to wear to parties and social events. However, I would like to mention that I have also been able to find some pantsuits made in this loose fitting style that aren’t particularly dressy. It is possible to find some casual pant suits that have a looser more flowing fit, such as, for example, a yoga pant set that has wide leg flowing pants.

Pant suits with flowing pants: When choosing flowing pants suits, you may want ones where both the top and bottom pieces are made from loose flowing fabric, or you could choose a suit where only the pants are in this loose fitting style. For example, one chic look involves wearing a more fitted blazer paired over loose, flowy pants. There are two basic types of pants that I find are often best for giving this flowy look. The first are those pants that are in a wide leg style. The actual “wideness” of the legs of the pants can vary, so choose one that is in a width that you prefer. The second type of pants for women that create a flowing look are called palazzo pants. Sometimes you can even find a pair of dressy palazzo pants have two layers – with the top layer being a very dressy sheer chiffon double layer. Pants like these can often almost look as if you are wearing a skirt, yet you can enjoy the wonderful comfort of wearing pants.

Pant suits with flowing jackets and tops: One of the most common types of flowing jackets are those that come in a loose cardigan style. (When you think of a cardigan style jacket you may be thinking of one that is made of a sweater like material, but I’m refering to the type that are made of a more dressy silky type material.) These types of jackets may not even be designed to be buttoned closed or may just have a single clasp and be worn over a coordinating shell. Another flowing style you might want to consider wearing is a pant set that includes a flowing tunic or blouse instead of an actual jacket. If this tunic comes with matching pants, you can look really coordinated in that set. Not all pant sets with flowing tops will include flowing pants – but pairing a loose fitting blouse with more narrow or slim fitting pants can create a great look too.

Flowing pant suit separates: There are certainly many suits and sets where you can buy both pieces of the outfit together. However, don’t forgot about the option of purchasing the pieces separately. When sold as a set, I’ve seen flowing pant suits come in many colors – red, blue, pink, green, etc. However, if you buy the pieces separately, the majority of pants (but not all) that are in a “flowing” style tend to come in the color black. You can create a great look by pairing them with a flowing style separate tunic. You don’t have to just choose a black tunic. Consider, for example, adding a sparking silver or gold top for a lovely evening look. And you can always try to mix and match these pieces with other styles of clothing already in your wardrobe to expand the possible looks.

Things to consider with flowing pant suits: Whether you try your outfit on in a shop or at home, you’ll want to make sure your outfit fits properly. If you pants need to be hemmed, remember that some fabrics are easier to hem than others. Also, make sure that hemming the pants doesn’t change the look of them. For example, if the pants flare out, will hemming them to the length you want significantly change the look of the pants?

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