Duster Pant Sets

A duster pant set can be a stylish and fashionable addition to your wardrobe. The long lengths of duster jackets can be very figure flattering on many people.

Below are a variety of duster pant sets offered at various websites:

Offered at Amazon in women’s plus sizes

Offered at Amazon in women’s plus sizes

Offered at Amazon in women’s plus sizes

Duster Pant Sets Fashion Tips:

Duster Pant Sets for Women

A duster pant set typically consists three of pieces:  a duster jacket, a coordinatng blouse and pants (although there are some two piece duster pant sets).  These duster jackets are fashionable and meant to be worn out of the house.  (They are not to be confused with housecoats which are sometimes called dusters.)

Types of Duster Pant Sets

There are all different types of duster pant sets.  Some dusters are made of thicker material like suit jackets, while others are cardigans or sweaters, and some are made of soft flowing material.  Although a duster jacket is typically long (sometimes very long), lengths can vary. Some long dusters may have side slits for comfort. A duster may close with several buttons, just one closure, or may not close at all. Dusters are often paired with a sleeveless shell to wear underneath it. There are dressy duster pant sets. These types usually have softer material and some dressy dusters are made of a sheer fabric. With a sheer duster pant set, you would wear a solid / lined shell or tank underneath. These dusters sometimes have pretty embellishments. For example, some may have a satin trim or beading. They can also come in solid colors or pretty prints.

Figure Flattering Duster Pant Sets

A duster pant set can be very figure flattering. A long duster can hide a variety of figure flaws. Those who wear petite sizes may want to make sure to check the length before purchasing one to make sure it is not too long on them. The reverse holds true for those who wear tall sizes. Make sure the duster isn’t too short a length. Plus size duster pant suits can be flattering for a plus size figure. Some pant sets have pants that have an elastic waist.

Duster Pant Set Separates

If you have a hard time trying to find the right stylish duster pant set for you, you may want to consider buying the duster and pants separately.  For a coordinated look, you can, for example, choose a printed duster, and pair it with solid pants.  Choose a pair of solid pants that picks up one of the colors in the print.  You also could mix solid colored jackets and pants as well.  For example, you could purchase a gray, navy, ivory or red duster and wear it over black pants.